Uniden R3NZ

This is easily the best detector Uniden has ever produced. Offering GPS functionality with the NZ Fixed Camera Database Preloaded; it’s Ka Band performance is nothing short of stunning. This may even be the new benchmark in long range Ka Detection.

Uniden’s R3-NZ Radar Laser detectors protect you in both directions. They come preloaded with the NZ Pole and Red light Camera database for detection of these non-radar speed traps. The quiet ride function enables a speed to be set below which you don’t want activation; making city driving through areas that trigger K band false signals a quiet ride.


  • R3 DSP Extreme long range radar detector / laser detector.
  • Experience the unsurpassed range with the new R3 radar detector.
  • With the convenient GPS feature you can get Red light camera alerts, Mute memory false alerts, or mark location.
  • Digital Signal processor
  • Extreme radar sensitivity
  • GPS with red light camera alerts
  • Quiet Ride – User set speed auto mute
  • Color OLED display
  • K false filter
  • KA false filter
  • Spectre Elite undetectable
  • Single suction cup bracket included
  • Double suction cup bracket included
  • Cigarette adapter with MUTE KEY and USB JACK
  • Carrying case