Radenso Pro M

The Radenso Pro M is the detector for drivers who demand every last ounce of performance from a portable radar detector. The very compact size and false alert filtering abilities makes the Pro M feel invisible when there is nothing to worry about, but know when to alert when a threat is detected. The EXTREME Ka Band range provides plenty of warning time.

The Radenso Pro M features MultaRadar detection and Spectre/VG2 invisibility for true worry free driving, protecting you now and in the future. Our Pro M models are Pre loaded with the best available NZ Fixed Camera database and they offer a unique K NZ Narrow Band setting for enhanced detection of the Redflex Camera Vans. This is incredibly good value for money and has great performance reviews.


  • Known as one of the quietest detectors
  • High radar detection range
  • Laser detection
  • GPS lockouts for stationary false alerts
  • Low Speed GPS auto-muting (automatically mutes based on speed)
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) false alert filtering
  • Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) false filter for traffic sensors
  • Voice alerts with 260 different messages
  • Updatable firmware and NZ camera database with free lifetime updates
  • Stealth to radar detector detectors (VG2 / Spectre Elite) (14+ feet)
  • Display Modes: Bright, Dim, Smart Dark (small dot blinks until an alert), Dark (display is dark until an alert)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Direct Wire Kit/Visor Mount available separately